Photo by Can Buyukberber

Photo by Can Buyukberber


Vivian Rosenthal is a serial entrepreneur, visual futurist and genre bending creative director.

She received a B.A. from Brown University and a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. In her spare time, Vivian writes and paints about the future. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and Vedic meditator.

Vivian explored her early interest in cyborgs, interstitial spaces and digital seduction in the design studio Tronic that she co-founded with Columbia classmate Jesse Seppi. It is in these early days that Vivian articulated her lifelong question: how do humans and technology co-exist in a world that is ever increasingly digital?

An obsession with augmented reality fueled Vivian’s creation of Snaps, a technology startup that ushered in a new communication platform melding AI, AR, text and visuals. The Snaps platform has powered over a billion engagements to date. 


Vivian joined Google as the Founder in Residence of 30 Weeks, Google's design led incubator, where she helped to create the program to transform designers into founders who are equipped with the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and tech know-how to create products and start impactful companies.

Vivian’s passion for food as medicine brought her together with Elizabeth Fisher and Rebecca Cross to co-found LAVVA, a plant based yogurt. LAVVA can now be found at Whole Foods across the country. 

Most recently, as a recovering technophile, Vivian co-founded FREQUENCY, a company that creates immersive healing experiences to explore consciousness.


Vivian was named one of Creativity Magazine’s top 50 global creatives of 2010 and has spoken at numerous conferences on the intersection of design and technology, including the CaT conference by F5, Ad Age, TEDx, Ad Tech, Dmexco, Financial Times, Advertising Week, Socialize West, Foresight and Trends and Stylus Innovation Forum. She has been a  jury member for the Andy Awards, D&AD, One Show Interactive Awards, AICP Next Awards, and the Art Directors Club. She won the Microsoft Storytelling Award for the US in the brand category and was selected as one of the five women CEOs for the L’Oreal Next Awards, honoring women in technology.

Vivian writes a column in Forbes on AI, Cognitive Marketing and the future of data driven conversation. As part of the Digital Pioneer series, Vivian was featured on FWA.

Vivian has also been featured in Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal