Explorations Into Consciousness


FREQUENCY was founded by Vivian Rosenthal, Dr. Meg Poe and Gio Israel. We are a group of people who feel called upon to create a space for individuals to come together and connect. To slow down and turn the gaze inward. To just be. To remember ourselves. We come from many different backgrounds - medicine, tech, art, music, architecture, community building - and we now find ourselves together in a singular mission:  to spread love and joy, in the hope that it will allow each of us to tune ourselves to our own inner music, to become more of who we are, to be better listeners, and with that, help ourselves and others rise together.

Frequency is an exploration into consciousness, through collective healing. Frequency will offer immersive experiences with many of the great visionaries, healers, artists, musicians and wisdom teachers on the planet. The experiences help shift participants’ energies and educate through the body to create a curriculum for the spirit. Each journey will invite participants to access a more embodied and connected state of being, letting go of the anxiety, stress and overwhelm of modern life. Artistic, aesthetic and spiritual traditions will provide pathways to access a grounding connectivity with ourselves and each other through inquiries into what it means to be alive today.  

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